The Benefits of Screen Sharing Over LAN

The Benefits of Screen Sharing Over LAN

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Screen sharing is still a relatively new tool that isn’t used by a wide number of people. However, as more and more employees are beginning to work at home or from different office locations around the country and even the world, screen sharing has become more important than ever.

Whether you are an employee at the office on the second floor and you need to see the screen of your co-worker on the fourth floor, or you are tech specialist needing to help a customer set up something on their computer, screen sharing is a great way to help connect people and get things done more efficiently.

Share screen between computers

Quite simply, screen sharing is the act of sharing your desktop with another user, who is operating another computer. In most software, this other user can then control your computer remotely, or they can simply just view your actions on the screen.

Remote training and troubleshooting, as mentioned previously, are the most helpful attributes of screen sharing. Now, employees can be in any location and can still collaborate and learn from other co-workers and colleagues from any location. Additionally, customers who need assistance with using new software, working through technical problems, or changing settings can use screen sharing to have an experienced computer technician help them.

Screen sharing is just one of the many features LAN Instant Messengers are proud to offer. To learn more, visit the Windows Screen Sharing explanation page.